Live music - all the way!

 "Something for the weekend" is a music venture set up by Andy Fletcher and Phil Craxford, both from Silverdale, who are passionate about music. 

The intention is to put a music event on every 6/7 weeks, ranging from folk to blues and funk to classical - no barriers! Music is music!

Let us know what you would like to hear and who you would like to see.

We run the event at the Silverdale Village Institute, a building given to the good people of Silverdale for sports, recreation and education. So, here we are running music events in Silverdale! Who would have thought it possible a couple of years ago! 

All nights consist of a main act and at least 2 supports. The aim is to involve local folks and give exposure to people, young and old, who want to perform music. We have a dedicated back room staff - who help to make this work. We usually have a barrel of beer, but if not our landlord ensures we have the finest bottled beers!

The events can only run with your support. To date the support has been brilliant; all events have been very busy - so if you want a seat, come early. 

All events run on the basis of £7.50 entry with beer and wine available, although you can bring your own booze. Music starts at 8pm; doors open 7.15pm.

All ages welcome!! You are even allowed to talk during songs!

All monies raised are split between the artists, a nominated charity and the SVI running costs.

Come and enjoy local live music!

Big thanks for your continued support!