All sorts of things....some of our thoughts!

 Some thoughts and comments from the various events that have occurred at the SVI.

6th May

After the break in at the SVI, one must reflect on the fact that if there have been so many 'youths' using the building, how come the local residents and 'Friend of the Institute' did not see or hear them. Ah well, another day!

Alex Hulme performance in April

Fantastic to see so many young folks from the village at the gig. It's only 2 years ago that the SVI was a bastion of the Silverdale snooker elite. How wonderful to see so many of the Silverdale youngsters now using the place. The SVI was established for the village folk of Silverdale, not just for a few gentlemen, which it was a few years ago. Well done all the people who have fought to get here - you know who you are!

The Metermen in April

Fantastic to see so many people dancing at the SVI. Who would have thought it!

Leah and Dave Metcalfe were brilliant. So nice to see different people in the audience.

April - Its not the money; it's the quality that counts!

Running diverse music events is what it's all about. It's not just about putting on the same old familiar music; it's about pushing boundaries and enjoying quality music. It's not just about raising money. The day we run these events as a means of just raising money is the day we walk away. We recon to date the music events have contributed about £1000 to the SVI - so well done all and thanks for your support.

Steve, Jeanne and Paul - we toasted your health!